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Hire a sensitivity reader

Don't let your work get reviewed on this blog! Hire Muslim Impossible as sensitivity reader for your novel, screenplay, or other work of fiction. When writing about any community from the outside it's essential to hire a sensitivity reader to ensure an authentic depiction that is free from prejudice, racism, linguistic errors and cultural oversights. 


Here, we specialise in sensitivity reads of Muslim and/or Arab characters and settings. This includes writing set in Arab and Middle-Eastern (or Arab-inspired in the case of fantasy) countries, people who speak Arabic, as well as Muslim characters positioned in the SWANA or MENA regions, as well as in Western settings.


Get in touch to find out more or for information on our rates.

Book Stack


Let us help you to get your novel in the best shape it can be, by ensuring you don't perpetuate prejudiced or oriental stereotypes. 

Movie Clapboard


Don't ruin your TV episode or film with inauthentic or offensive characters. Portrayals of Arabs and Muslims on the small and big screen commonly make glaring errors in language, prayer, beliefs, as well as committing racist depictions. Hire a sensitivity reader and avoid these damaging pitfalls.

Playing a Shooting Game

Other mediums

Whether video games or podcast scripts, if you're preparing content about Muslims or Arabs and want to avoid harmful misrepresentation, get in touch.

How does a sensitivity reader help?

We work through your plot and text to offer feedback, guidance and explanation on any terms, language, themes, tropes, or arcs that are inaccurate or problematic, and explain why. We can also suggest how to correct or improve these issues. Our sensitivity reads helps writers, publishers, and production houses to avoid perpetuating misrepresentation, which contributes to very real problems, such as dehumanization and which can have a financial, social, and even legal impact on publishers and writers.

When should I hire a sensitivity reader?

Earlier is always better, as it helps to avoid extra work and costs to fix potentially problematic plot arcs, biased lenses and cultural distortion. You can hire us for a sensitivity consultation once you have a plot layout, or for a detailed sensitivity read once you have a partial or complete draft of your work.

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