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How it works
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The bloodied swords

Each review will be summarised - or starred - with one to five bloodied savage swords. The more swords an entry has, the more offences it committed.


A bloodied sword is awarded for each of the following infractions:


Exoticism– for romanticising, sexualising or Orientalising people or countries.

Violence – for typecasting Arabs or Muslims, without nuance, as violent, angry, or terrorists.

One-dimensionality – for the erasure, or lack of complexity, of Arab or Muslim characters.

False complexity – for storylines that consider themselves to portray nuanced Arabs or Muslims but that actually perpetuate the above stereotypes. 

Laziness – possibly the most shameful of all, for poorly researched language, culture or clothes, including the hijab.

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اللهم اني صايمة

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